Monday, 7 April 2008

Hatfield Forest Oxlips.

Hatfield Forest is geographically on the edge of the Oxlip 'zone' . There are however some small colonies of this delicate Spring flower so where might you see them? Try looking in the north part of the forest in the region of the Eight Wantz Ways.

Look out for grassy areas in better lit parts of the coppice. This is what a really good example looks like from a neighbouring wood.

In the Forest they are smaller and likely to be found growing with Herb Paris and Wood Sorrel.

The leaves of Primroses are long and tapered whilst the Cowslip has distinctive flowers.

Here are two more woodland plants you can find with the Oxlips. Firstly, the Wood Sorrel and secondly, the Dog Violet.

You are certain to find the Barren Strawberry, if you are lucky you may find the rare and unusual Herb Paris

All these plants can be found at least until the end of April.