Thursday, 16 April 2009

BSNHS Summer Programme 2009


Saturday 18th of April. Wall Wood. 2.30pm. Meet Woodside Green. TL523185
This is the first of two visits to be made to this ‘purlieu’ section of Hatfield Forest. The aim will be to survey Spring flowers including Oxlips.

Friday 8th May. Parndon Mill and River Stort. Meet 6:30 p.m. TL437112
The aim of this evening meeting will be to walk along this picturesque section of the river and follow up possible sightings of Water Voles.

Friday 22nd May.Hatfield Forest. Meet 7.30pm. Main entrance. As usual we shall have bat detectors and moth traps running but the main aim of the evening will be to record the number of Owls on the Forest.

Fri 5th June. Gibberd Garden and Hermitage. Meet 7.00pm. TL483127
Following on from the successful visit last year we shall have another look at the Hermitage hopefully, in better weather with more wildflowers to see. As before we shall have the moth trap running as well as bat detectors.

. Fri 19th June. Hatfield Forest. Meet 7.30pm. Bat and moth evening. We shall leave the moth traps running whilst we survey the population of Daubentons Bat feeding over the lake.

Friday 24th July. Hatfield Forest. 7.30pm. Main entrance. As before we will leave the moth traps running and will also have bat detectors. The main aim however will be to look for glow worms in the wide rides in the western coppices.

Sat 1st Aug. Wall Wood. 2.30pm. TL523185
This will be the second visit to look for different flowers found in this wood at the height of the summer.

Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th September. Hatfield Forest Wood Fest. We shall be putting on a joint display in our new tent as ‘Forest Nature’. Please volunteer to come and help as this is a valuable opportunity to publicise our group and its activities.

Friday 25th September 6.30pm and Saturday 26th of September 9.30am, Hatfield Forest both at the main entrance. The aim will be to put down small mammal traps on the Friday evening and go back and collect the catch on the Saturday morning.

We shall use our new Infra-red night vision scope to look for wildlife on every evening visit to Hatfield Forest.