Monday, 19 April 2010

Visit to Garnetts Wood, Barnston 17th April 2010.

The woodland is ancient small leafed lime with some very old coppice stools.

This is Goldilocks the woodland buttercup.

In places there are carpets of Wood Anemones like snow.

Watching a pair of Marsh Tits high overhead.

A lovely carpet of three different spring flowers - what can you name?

We gather around an in situ tree carving of a mediaeval knight at one of the major ride intersections.

Here is our species list for the afternoon.
Birds. Green Woodpecker. Missel Thrush. Blue tit. Great Tit. Chiff Chaff. Marsh Tit. Great Spotted Woodpecker. Blackcap. Robin.
Plants. Wood Anemone. Primrose. Lesser celandine. Wild strawberry. Holly. Honeysuckle. Dog violet. Old man's beard. St John's Wort. Pendulous Sedge. Burdock. Sweet chestnut. Ash. Hornbeam. Sallow. Dogwood. Small leaved elm. Bracken. Male fern? Bugle. Red Campion. Dogs Mercury. Bluebells. Ground ivy. Larch. Goose grass. Hogweed. Wild Rose. Red currant. Crack willow. Woodrush. Pig nut. Field maple. Goldilocks. Duckweed. Filamentous green algae.
Invertebrates. Cased Caddis fly larvae. Cyclops. Holly leaf miner. Brimstone butterfly. Peacock butterfly. Orange underwing moth. Bee fly (very numerous). Five or seven spot ladybird. Small Quaker moth.
Amphibians. Smooth newt. Frogs/toads.
Mammals. Badger. Fox. Muntjac. Grey squirrel (bark stripping on trees).