Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hatfield Forest BioBlitz 2010.

Come and join in with the first Hatfield Forest…


·Here at the Wood Fest Sept 11th and 12th.
Free activities will run from midday Saturday until midday Sunday.
·All ages, families, groups, small teams and individuals.
·See how many living things you can find in the woods.
·Bring your finds back to Base Camp to be displayed.
·Sign up to an activity using the information below in advance.

Please sign up in advance for the free activities below by:-
·‘Phone 01279 600726

Saturday 11th September.
Getting fruity
Collect as many fruits and seeds of different types as possible to show what plants grow in the woods.
Barking Mad.
Find as many different types of trees as possible and do bark rubbings.
A load of Nutters.
Search for Hazel nuts to see if any have been eaten by Dormice. Check the Dormouse nest tubes.
A Clean Sweep.
Use a sweep net and garden vac to see what lives in the grass and plants in the woods.
Your Trapped.
Set out a number of Longworth Small Mammal Live Traps to see what small mammals live in the woods. These will be checked tomorrow.
Totally Batty.
Use bat detectors to see which bats live and feed in the woods.

Sunday 12th September.
The Early Bird.
Bring your binoculars and go with some experienced birders to check out what lives in the coppice before it gets disturbed later in the day.
Deer Coppice……
Use detective work to thoroughly search the woodland block to find evidence of deer. If the ground is soft and we may be able to do some plaster casts. We can also collect and download pictures from some camera traps.
Mushroom Madness.
Look for and collect as many different types of mushrooms and toadstools.
Beaten Up.
Use a beating tray under the branches of trees to see what insects etc fall out when the branches are shaken.
What A Rotten Job
Carefully pull apart and thoroughly search for anything which may be living in the old rotten wood piles. We may find anything from beetles to toads. We can also check underneath pieces of corrugated iron for snakes and lizards.