Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Friends of Pishiobury Park.

Today was the first meeting of the Friends of Pishiobury Park with the Countryside Management Service to carry out some conservation work on the Park. The morning was foggy with the temperature below freezing at nine o'clock in the morning.

One task was to dig a shallow trench in which to plant sapling Hawthorn later on. These saplings will form protective ‘roundels’ around the small copses of trees which have been planted.

The other task was to maintain some of the tree guards, remove saplings which had died due to the dry Spring and dig holes for new plantings of Oak saplings. This took place along Oak Walk.

Interestingly, we found a small colony of Bee Orchids which apparently flowered last year on this site amongst the trees. The leaves do not die back in winter and it looks as if they will flower again next year.