Tuesday, 12 May 2015

New tern raft launched.

On Tuesday 12thMay a new Tern raft arrived at Hatfield Forest Lake having been driven down from Huddersfield.

The raft is unloaded and bolted together. It is made of fibreglass with built in polystyrene floats and sides which do not allow access by Mink, ducks and geese.

It is then manhandled into the water.

A mixture of the shingle and gravel is loaded onto the raft. ‘Shelter tunnels’ for the chicks will be added later when it is on site.

Finally a solution is found to getting one of the helpers back onto dry land!
The raft will be moored near to the existing raft to allow the Terns to acclimatise before the old raft, which is falling to pieces is removed.